Become a trustee for SVC!

Become a Trustee for SVC

Applications open between 13/2/17 – 13/3/17

Who are SVC?

SVC is an independent charity, originally set-up in 1971 by students studying at Cardiff University. The aim of the charity is to support disadvantaged members of Cardiff and the surrounding areas, this includes children and adults with disabilities, homeless people, older people, adults with mental health conditions and initiatives to make Cardiff a safer City. More information about our charitable work can be found at

What is a Charity Trustee?

Trustees are responsible for the strategic management of the charity. They direct the work of SVC, control the Charity’s funds and approve initiatives.

Trustees attend regular Board meetings and play an active role in SVC; assisting with the recruitment of volunteers, the promotion of SVC projects, organising and attending events – there’s always something to get involved with as an SVC Trustee!

Which Trustee positions can I apply for?

Several Roles have their own unique areas that they focus on, there’s something for everyone whether you enjoy finances, organising meetings, planning events, marketing or creating new fundraising initiatives. Please see the document attached – “SVC Trustee Role Descriptions 2017-18”. The roles we are recruiting for are listed below (those highlighted in bold are ONLY open to student applicants, to honour our roots we aim for 60% of our Board to be made up of students from local Universities or Colleges).

  • SVC Chair
  • SVC Vice-Chair
  • SVC Treasurer
  • SVC Secretary
  • SVC Communications & Marketing Officer
  • SVC Events & Fundraising Officer (x1)
  • SVC Events & Fundraising Officer (x2)
  • SVC General Trustee (x4)

N.B: Unfortunately due to legal reasons, these positions are only open to applicants aged 18+.

What type of commitment is required?

The role of an SVC Trustee is a very hands-on role. We rely on the support of our Trustee Board to help us to organise and run SVC events across the academic year.

Although Trustees enrol for a one year term, the busier months for our Trustees are September to December, and February to April (University term-times). The Board do not usually meet outside of term-time.

Individual CommitmentBetween September to December, and February to April, ALL Trustee roles, with the exception of the Chair, complete around 3-4 hours per week (this includes attending Board meetings, organising events or undertaking some Social Media support from home). The role of the Chair is a higher commitment and averages around 4-6 hours per week (again this includes attending Board meetings, organising events or undertaking some Social Media support from home).

Board Meetings are generally held at the SVC Office, one evening every fortnight from 6-8pm.

Why should I become a Trustee?

There are so many reasons to get involved, but four really good reasons to become a Trustee for SVC are:

  1. YOU have a lot to offer SVC – every Trustee comes with their own ideas, experience, knowledge and strengths!
  2. You will develop transferable skills, improve your CV and broaden your experience.
  3. You will meet interesting new people and it could open doors to all sorts of other networks and opportunities.
  4. You have the opportunity to shape, support and contribute your ideas and knowledge to a meaningful organisation which is improving the lives of hundreds of disadvantaged people in Cardiff and the surrounding areas.

What support will I receive?

Before you begin your role you will meet with previous SVC Trustees who will prepare you for the hand-over into your new role.

You will then receive a full day of Trustee Training, bespoke to being a Trustee for SVC.

Throughout your term you will receive support from the SVC Manager, who will be in attendance at all Board meetings and always on the end of the phone. Additionally you will be supported by the dedicated SVC staff Team, the other Trustees on your Board and also our Associate Trustees (these are individuals who have previously been on the SVC Board and have lots of wisdom for you to tap into if needed).

I’m interested but I’d like to find out more information?

There is lots of information in the documents attached, however we know it’s often better to chat face-to-face. If you would like to know more about the roles then please don't hesitate to pop in to office!

How do I apply?

You can find the following documents here:

  • Trustee Role decription
  • Trustee Application Form
  • Trustee Application Guidelines - Supporting Documents
  • SVC Trustee Appointment Procedures

If you would like to apply for a position on the Board then please complete the Application Form, and return it to by 9am on 6/5/2017. We advise you also read carefully the “Application Guidelines and Supporting Documents” which will help you with your application.

If you need any further information or support then please pop into the office (5-7 Museum Place, Cardiff, CF10 3BD), or call us on 02921 676780.

“Give a little, gain a lot” .