Meet Our Trustees

Michelle - Vice Chair

Hello! I am Michelle and I am Vice-Chair on the Board of Trustees. I have graduated this year from Cardiff University after studying Social Science and I am now working in John Lewis.

I volunteered with SVC throughout my degree and now that the SVC has expanded to enable various local universities and community members to volunteer, I have been able to continue being involved with SVC after graduating. The main projects I have previously volunteered on are Field Days Organic as a Lead Volunteer and the Police Student Volunteering Scheme. I am hoping to also be able to volunteer on the WATCH project this year. I loved being a part of each project which led to the opportunity to be a part of the board as a General Trustee.

Although volunteering with the projects is vital to SVC, the role of the Board of Trustees is equally important as it ensures the charity is run fairly and that the work SVC does continues to benefit those involved and the community. The board represents SVC, which is what led me to apply for the position of Vice-Chair. Although one of my main roles is support the Chair, I would also like to be more involved with the projects and those who volunteer on the projects. I would like to be a point of contact between the board and the projects. After each board meeting I will share a short summary of the main points discussed in the meetings and can answer any questions about the meetings or about the role of being a board member.

Joe - Fundraising and Marketing

Hi! I’m Joe and I’m an events and fundraising officer on this year’s board of trustees!

As a psychology student, I understand the sorts of mental health problems and disabilities that service users can be faced with, and so know of the important contributions charities make to help improve lives. This prompted me to get involved with the SVC, which I have been part of since my first week at university. I started volunteering for ‘Weekenders’ which provides young carers with a release from their difficult daily lives. I loved the kids and the bonds we made, and decided to become a lead volunteer in my second year. This experience showed me the positive influence that the projects can make, and so I felt becoming part of the board was the next logical step.

I worked at a supermarket in my gap year because I didn’t know what to do at university, but that (slightly hellish) year has enabled me to do so much. I worked at a camp in California in the Summer of my first year at university, and have been to South-East Asia on two separate trips, totalling 5 months and 7 countries! Each resulting experience however, somehow relates to my roles within the charity. The widespread activities I was required to plan and take part in at camp, I believe, is reflective of the sorts of events that the board must plan and attend throughout the year. Travelling has also exposed me to a children from different cultures, abilities and even psychological disorders – building further on my knowledge and experience of the types of people charities such as ours can assist.

Becoming part of SVC has been one of the best things I’ve done at university, so I'd definitely recommend getting involved somehow!