Project Spotlight: CUSS Heritage Project

Volunteering in Cardiff has a long and incredible history, one we don’t want to be lost.

Cardiff University Social Services (CUSS), now Innovate Trust, has been working with SVC since the 70s. It all started with a group of students setting up the very first supported living house in the UK, and our ambitions and abilities in helping and supporting the vulnerable in our community have only grown from then!

We want to preserve and tell the story of CUSS and the amazing work it did at its beginning, and the work it’s doing now, and how it has benefitted such a huge amount of people with learning disabilities and their families across the years.

We have a wonderful group of volunteers with learning disabilities, and we work alongside them to uncover this remarkable heritage. The work includes recording interviews, doing research, filming, preparing an exhibition, encouraging engagement from the local community and helping to give those with learning disabilities a valuable and worthwhile social role!

The project develops a whole number of skills including research, coordination, management, community engagement and more. This project would be ideal for humanities students looking to gain some extra employability skills and heritage experience.

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