Project Spotlight: Games Club

Are you a fiend at snakes and ladders? Or is there a deep rift in your family due to your merciless mastery of monopoly? Or do you simply love an afternoon chilling out and playing scrabble? If so, Games Club is the project for you! You can master your boggle skills whilst giving back to the community and forming meaningful friendships with adults with learning/physical disabilities and/or mental health conditions.

Games club happens fortnightly and offers recreation, entertainment and socialising to vulnerable adults in our community. It’s a chance to have fun and make friends, and maybe even learn how to actually play Settlers of Catan (does anyone really know?).

SVC wants to give those with disabilities of mental health conditions more than just the basics. We want to make sure they have a chance to have fun, socialise, relax and form community together, and our amazing volunteers help to accommodate that and make sure they are in a safe and happy environment.

We also help our beneficiaries to build up their social and communication skills, which makes sure the benefits they receive from us go forward into their futures.

Our volunteers even get trained up in all the latest games at the Rules of Play store, so you can pass on your knowledge and become a wizard at all board games- your housemates and families will be amazed!

All it takes is a game of Mousetrap once a fortnight to change someone’s life for the better.

To find out more head to and to apply to volunteer head to