Project Spotlight: Hafan Y Coed

One of our most popular projects, Hafan Y Coed is a mental health project located opposite Llandough Hospital. The unit provides support for those with mental health conditions, including psychosis and schizophrenia.

Our volunteers facilitate various activities, and befriend people in an inpatient unit across 8 different wards, who are all at different stages of recovery. Volunteers offer social and emotional support and encouragement for approximately 113 people. They run activities like baking, quizzes, making Christmas cards and games evenings, as well as offering compassionate support and friendship. Volunteers usually visit the same ward, allowing patients to build up trust and confident friendships.

The patients in this unit benefit hugely from all the hard work our volunteers put in, as they have a chance to develop and rebuild social skills, confidence and gain back many of the things their condition or brain injury might have taken from them.

Our volunteers also benefit, as they gain a huge amount of experience on the mental health wards, and have been able to build their confidence and understanding of different complex mental health conditions, as well as having the opportunity to meet new people and build new friendships.

SVC also supports the Hafan Y Coed unit during the summer, with volunteers supporting day patients with acquired brain injuries or patients on the inpatient service. This includes helping with meals and greeting patients in the ward, as well as encouraging and engaging with social activities.

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