Project Spotlight: Home and Away

Would you have 2-4 hours to spare once a week? Would you consider spending that time befriending and helping a 5-18-year-old with a physical and/or learning disability?

Home and away is a befriending project, our volunteers are paired with a child, and then spend a few hours a week with them, doing various activities either in the child’s home or somewhere outside. Volunteers go in pairs, and will organise activities themselves, which could be anything! From craft to baking, the cinema, McDonald's, shopping, swimming, bowling, football- anything and everything that you and your assigned young person would like to do!

These times spent in or outside the home with volunteers are so valuable to our wonderful beneficiaries. It enables the children to connect with people outside their usual circle, practice social skills, have fun, engage with their local community and participate in new and exciting activities. This project aims to develop personal, social and educational skills, setting young people up for a happy and healthy quality of life, while also providing respite for families and carers.

This project makes a huge difference to not only the young people and their families but also to our volunteers, you have to have a great sense of humour, creativity and commitment.

If you can give a few hours a week to helping a child or young person with physical/learning difficulties have fun, then head to