Project Spotlight: Supported Horse Riding

Our volunteers do so much to improve the lives of disabled people living in our Cardiff community.

As well as offering practical life skills, we also offer loads of exciting, social activities to ensure a fun and well-rounded time for our beneficiaries. Supported horse riding is a great example of this!

Every week, we offer a weekly 30-minute horseback ride, which our volunteers help out with by leading the horses and socialising with our beneficiaries. This makes such a difference, as so many find friendship and companionship with each other, as well as with the volunteers. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to get outdoors, enjoy a sport, and spend time in nature.

The chance to socialise, meet new people and have a change of scene is so beneficial, and our volunteers make sure the whole thing runs smoothly, and that people enjoy themselves!

If you want to learn more or apply to volunteer with us, head to