Project Spotlight: Weekenders

There are loads of young people in Cardiff providing some form of support or care for a parent or sibling with some sort of disability. We at SVC think that these young carers deserve some respite and some fun!

Our amazing volunteers give up their time once a month and provide a variety of trips and activities so that these young carers can have a break from the stresses of everyday life and take on opportunities they wouldn’t have had the chance to normally.

There are two groups, ‘kids’ and ‘teens’, and each team does a huge range of fun and exciting activities.

Adventures have included Bristol Zoo, swimming, ice skating, rock climbing, Laser Quest, bowling, a Christmas party, Oakwood and much more!

Our volunteers take responsibility and care so that these young carers can have a day without worry and just be kids again. It means so much to them and their families, and our volunteers do an incredible job.

To apply to volunteer with us, head to