Trustee Week: Ellie and Laura

We’re Laura and Ellie, two of the four Events and Fundraising Organisers for SVC this year. We’re in our final year studying Psychology at Cardiff University after doing placements last year.

Last year we volunteered on Hafan Y Coed and Park Road mental health projects. I (Ellie) am also a lead volunteer on the Huggard homeless shelter project. It has been really helpful to get to know volunteers at every layer in the charity and get them involved in our events this year.

We are currently working towards planning next year’s Fundraising Ball which will hopefully be a big success!

Our aim for this year is to get volunteers and lead volunteers more involved in the charity! We think it’s so important that volunteers know what the board does and are able to influence the way the charity works as much as possible!

We hope that through involving the volunteers in social events throughout the year they will see the many benefits of being trustees for SVC.