Trustee Week: Emma, Heather and Jess


We’re Emma, Heather and Jess, and we’re the three Associate Trustees for SVC. Associate Trustees are previous Trustees of SVC who use our past experiences to offer advice and guidance to the Board, especially on issues relating to the charity’s governance and strategy

We’ve been involved with SVC for a combined total of 25 years (which makes us sound scarily old!), and have loved every second! In that time, we’ve volunteered on a number of SVC’s fantastic projects, including Home & Away, Greenhill School, SVC Dance and Fantastic 4 Party Planners. Funnily, we’ve also all been Lead Volunteers on the Weekenders project at some point! The best thing about SVC’s projects is that really is something for everyone! Whether we’ve wanted to gain experience of working with children, or needed a project that fits around our lectures, and now our jobs, we’ve always been able to find the perfect project.

Being a trustee gives you so many valuable skills and experiences, and has definitely been a huge help to us in our careers. Over the years we’ve been able to be part of planning and running events and fundraisers, learnt about charity management and governance, and developed our own leadership and decision-making skills. Only 2.1% of UK trustees are under 30, and SVC is quite unique in the fact that so many of our trustees are young trustees. And because SVC has so many first-time trustees joining the Board every year, there’s plenty of support available to get you started in your role.

But the best thing of all about being trustees for this wonderful charity is the feeling of being a part of a community of people who are all so passionate about making a difference in the world, and the great sense of pride we have in SVC and in our work.