Trustee Week: Gavin

Trustees Week is the perfect time to celebrate the work of trustees across the UK. There are approximately one million of us, and we give our time freely to help charities do good work. Trustees’ voluntary commitment amounts to a staggering monetary value of £3.5 billion per annum.

I joined the SVC board of trustees earlier this year after attending a trustee recruitment event hosted by Cardiff Third Sector Council. I was actually there to recruit potential trustees for the charity I work for, the Cardiff City FC Foundation, but after hearing about the work of SVC, I knew I wanted to be part of the SVC movement. As a general trustee, I work closely with the rest of the board to provide effective governance of SVC, including strategy development and review, financial oversight, scrutiny and support to the staff team. Each of us brings our own skills, experience and ideas to the board.

SVC has an incredible history and there’s a special spirit amongst the board, staff and team of volunteers. It’s a privilege to be involved, to be able to give something back to the community, and know that I’m supporting the charity sector to lead change and build greater social cohesion. I find it personally rewarding and a positive learning experience.

If you’re not already a trustee please do consider it. We’ll be recruiting new trustees later in the academic year.