Trustee Week: Harry

Hi! I’m Harry and I am the Vice-Chair on this year’s Board of Trustees. I am currently in my final year of studying Psychology at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

I first got involved with SVC last year in the 2nd year of my degree, when I volunteered as the lead volunteer on a project aiming to support and befriend older adults suffering from dementia and dementia related illnesses as well other mental health conditions. The project Iorweth Jones, was the first time I had ever volunteered, and what a great experience it was. Times can be tough on this project, and they can be great, but one thing I learnt from when I first volunteered is that it is immensely fulfilling, and I wanted to volunteer more.

Having loved this volunteering experience with SVC and participating in all their events I jumped at the opportunity to apply for Iorwerth Jones as the Lead Volunteer again, and the position of Vice-Chair. The position of Vice-Chair has many key roles, one of which is to support the Chair, however much like the Vice-Chair before me I would like to get more involved with the volunteers and their lead volunteers. After each board meeting I will summarise the key points discussed, and will welcome any questions that need answering.

Being a part of the SVC family is incredible, and if you ever have the chance to get involved, please do! It’s an amazing experience!