Police Volunteering Scheme (RCT)


Anyone aged 18+ (please enquire if under 18 and interested in applying)


Various times



Volunteers must complete a minimum of 70 hours of volunteering across the academic year.


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The Police Volunteering Scheme (RCT) was set up in 2018.

This project is a partnership between SVC, South Wales Police, the University of South Wales, RCT Council, South Wales Fire and Rescue Service, RCT Trading Standards, RCT Community Safety, Victim Support and GO Wales.

The aim of the project is two fold:

1) To reduce the demand on frontline staff within the Police force (and additionally partner organisations, such as the Fire Service).

2) To provide volunteers with meaningful volunteering opportunities/ experience, which will assist them with their future development, and additionally skill-up the upcoming generation of police staff.

Within this project there are numerous areas that volunteers can gain experience within:

  • Experience a variety of Policing ranging from Community Engagement, Neighbourhood Policing and Rural Watch.

  • Gain direct experience of working within individual Police departments within RCT. Opportunities can include; Hate crime, anti-social behaviour, crime reduction tactical analysis, bush fires, missing persons, offender management, taxi operations, substance abuse, motorbike scrambling, cyber crime.

  • There are additional opportunities within Victim Support (however this requires a dedicated two year commitment due to the nature of this policing, and the additional training received).

  • Volunteers will receive valuable experience of working in multi-agency operations, with project partners such as RCT Council, and the Fire Service.

This project requires specific vetting procedures organised by South Wales Police, plus project-specific training.