Black History Awareness

We have created a 12-month initiative that aims to foster ongoing support in combatting racial inequality within SVC and the wider community. 




Black History Month: 

  • A chance to educate ourselves and promote awareness.
  • A time to acknowledge change that has taken place and recognise where improvements still need to be made.
  • A celebration of Black people, history and culture.


Virtual Event:

We hosted a virtual event to kick start our 12-month initiative. 

Watch now 🎥




Act Now For Equality

We shared some insight into what we have been up to on our Act Now For Equality project:

🎥 Equality Diversity and Inclusion

🎥 What we have been up to (1)

🎥 What we have been up to (2)


Passive Bystander Training

We created short training videos for staff, trustees, volunteers, beneficiaries and our community members:

🎥 Training and Information

🎥 Case Studies and Real Life Examples




Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Values

🎥 SVC's Values


Problem Solving 

🎥 Policies & Procedures 


Interactive Quiz  

🎥 Round 1  

🎥 Round 2

🎥 Round 3



🎥 Happy Kwanzaa! 


Case Studies - sharing our experiences  

🎥 What does equality mean to you?

🎥 What does diversity mean to you?

🎥 What does inclusion mean to you?

🎥 Have you ever been treated unfairly because of who you are? 

🎥 Why is it important to learn more and educate others?

🎥 How can you help make everyone feel valued? 




Different Forms of Racism

Racism happens every day - on public transport, in schools, at local parks...

It also happens within the institutions and systems that are at the core of our society. 


Racism does not only occur in individual acts or behaviours.

Racism is evident in invisible systems and at the deepest levels of our society 📜


White privilege does not mean that you have never experienced struggles in life - it simply means that your skin colour is not one of them.

Denying or lessening the impact of white privilege is a form of discrimination in itself - it puts others at a disadvantage!


Combatting Racism

📰 Anti-Racism



📰 Inclusive Language

Inclusive Language ➡️ avoiding phrases that discriminate or exclude people.

📢 Language plays a powerful role in eliminating discrimination!

Be mindful and respectful 🗣️









Black History Month: USA


🎥 Sharing Stories    


Race Equality Week

📰 5 Day Challenge




Reviewing Our Progress

📰 Newsletter Update

⭐ Half way through our 12-month initiative! ❓We asked our staff, volunteers and trustees to review our progress and provide feedback to help us improve for the second half of SVC's Black History Awareness campaign. 




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