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Hear From Our Board! Trustees’ Week 2021

Who are Trustees?

1st-7th November 2021 marks Trustees’ Week here in the UK. Trustees, or Board members, are the people who run a charity and make decisions on the direction it should take. 

Some interesting facts about Trustees…

  • There are around 700,000 Trustees in Wales and England (source: 

  • 70% of Trustees volunteer for small charities (source: 

  • Around 86,000 Trustee positions in the UK are occupied by 16-34 year olds (source:

Our Board of Trustees is currently made up of 19 people, representing a mix of students and community members, with many members also being either current or past volunteers with us. Also, many are totally new to the Board this year whereas some have been on our Board for a number of years now - so it’s a real mix! We usually take applications around summertime, with a variety of positions available to cater to different levels of commitment or interests. 

Hear from our Board!

Here’s what some of our fantastic Board members had to say about their role as a Trustee...

Jonathan Jones - Vice-Chair 

“Hi my name is Jonathan and I am Vice Chair of SVC. As part of my role, I provide support to the Chair of trustees and where appropriate, lead the governing body in their absence. The vice chair's duties include those of a trustee, namely ensuring that all decisions that the charity makes puts the needs of beneficiaries first. The role definitely takes me out of my comfort zone, and continuously increases my knowledge of the law, the community and SVC.  Being Vice Chair has increased my confidence in governing meetings. Your communication skills definitely evolve because you discuss important issues regularly with people from different backgrounds, so you need to be able to simplify your conversation points, so everyone can understand them.”

Rhian Fish - Communications and Marketing Officer 

“I have been a communications and marketing Trustee for a short while, but have had the chance to learn so much! Working alongside more experienced members of the board and such a supportive team has enabled me to develop a variety of valuable skills. A large part of my role involves researching campaigns, initiatives and awareness days/events to spread the word on our social networking platforms, and gives me the chance to produce educational resources to share with our community. This knowledge has become very useful in writing articles for our website, which is a fantastic resource for anybody wanting to find out more about what we do!”

Lucie Mathison - Communications and Marketing Officer 

“This is my second year as one of the Communications and Marketing Officers on SVC's Board of Trustees, and what I love about this role is that you have the freedom to make it your own, taking on as much or as little as you're able to at the time with no pressure at all, and have the chance to really showcase the amazing work that the charity does. I think a lot of people think being part of a charity Board would be intimidating or overwhelming, but at SVC everyone is so helpful and welcoming, I didn't feel like that at all and even with starting digitally I felt comfortable right away attending meetings and suggesting ideas.”

Rosie Rapado - General Trustee

"I’m Rosie and I’m pretty new to the board. My experience so far has been so rewarding, particularly getting involved with the environmental committee, something important to me and my values. After volunteering with SVC for a while I knew that our values aligned, so being able to be part of decision making is a great experience!"

Kelly Fenton - General Trustee 

“I love my role as a trustee as I am able to meet and interact with lots of new people. The work we do ensures the volunteers are supported in gaining new experiences which in turn supports beneficiaries and provides activities for them. The charity and this role has provided me with invaluable skills and knowledge about the third sector which without this role, I’d have never had.”

Nina Di Cara - General Trustee 

"I'm a General Trustee for SVC and I love being able to get involved in a wide range of things to help the charity! So far this year I've been able to help with work on our equality and diversity aims, and also with developing SVC's data capabilities. I love being part of a team who are passionate about helping people in our local community."

Lucy John - Associate Trustee
“Hi, I’m Lucy John, an Associate Trustee. I work for USW Careers, helping students who wish to volunteer. I love my role on the board of SVC. It’s a fabulous team and I'm proud to play a small part in the work of a charity that does so many good things for so many people.”

Interested? Find Out More!

If you have any questions for any of our Board members, all contact details can be found on our ‘Meet the Team’ page

Also, if you’re interested in being a part of SVC’s Board, we’re currently recruiting for a Fundraising and Events Officer! If you're interested in knowing more or applying for the role, please contact SVC’s manager Adrienne at