Coronavirus Update:
The SVC team are mainly working from home, please email us to organise an appointment to visit the office.
We currently have a number of digital (online) opportunities available, and are cautiously returning to some in-person opportunities.
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Staff Changes at SVC!

We wanted to say a huge welcome to some awesome new humans who have joined the SVC Team recently. Rosie is undertaking her Year in Industry at SVC as part of her social sciences degree at Cardiff University. Her role is working alongside Kumba as the Health & Social Care Project Coordinator. Together they oversee our partnership with Innovate Trust, providing a range of digital, blended and in-person for disabled adults. The aim of these projects are to enhance the lives of the beneficiaries, and combat feelings of loneliness and isolation. 

Frankie has joined the SVC Team within the role of our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Representative and additionally to oversee our partnerships with the NHS, and the Huggard Centre. Frankie is working on recruiting volunteers for the Vaccination Centres and supporting our volunteers to facilitate our digital social club for people experiencing homelessness. Frankie will also be working on a brand new project, funded by the Postcode Lottery, which aims to make Equality, Diversity and Inclusion relatable to all. We will be developing resources to share with the SVC community including our beneficiaries, volunteers and partners. 

We also say a fond farewell to Eleri following three years at SVC. Take a look at our most recent Equality, Diversity and Inclusion article to see some of the incredible work she has undertaken during her time with us. We’ll continue to develop upon the EDI foundations Eleri has set whilst working with her team, aiming to create an inclusive and accessible environment for all.

Eleri will be moving over to work with our sister charity, Innovate Trust, to work within their Human Resources department as their first EDI officer (see below for more information about Innovate Trust). We wish her all the best in her new role and can't wait to work alongside her in new partnership work. We asked Eleri to share a few words as we all wish her farewell:

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Some information about Innovate Trust:

Innovate Trust is our sister charity and has been providing support and guidance to disabled individuals since the 1960s. They have a variety of ongoing resources and projects available on their website

We’re lucky to collaborate with Innovate on a variety of our projects supporting adults with physical or learning disabilities and/or mental health issues. We currently run in-person and digital Befriending which involves making audio/video calls or meeting for socially distanced walks with beneficiaries. We also work beside Innovate to provide fun social clubs as well as activities such as bingo, karaoke, and quizzes. Recently, we launched an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion project together focussing on valuing differences. This will involve creating resources alongside the adults that Innovate supports to share with our communities. 

We’re very pleased that we’ll still get the chance to work alongside Eleri as she joins Innovate’s Human Resources team, setting up a completely new role and advancing EDI work for both Innovate and SVC.