Coronavirus Update:
The SVC team are mainly working from home, please email us to organise an appointment to visit the office.
We currently have a number of digital (online) opportunities available, and are cautiously returning to some in-person opportunities.
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SVC host a “Spotlight on Various Careers” week

During the week of Monday 23rd – Friday 27th November, SVC hosted several virtual presentations from our partner organizations. The events were planned to promote the different volunteering opportunities that are available, to shed light on the people that run our different projects and to try and bring our community together in these strange times. Also, at SVC we normally attend careers fair events at local universities. This online version provided an alternative to physically attending any functions.  

We approached the majority, if not all, of the organisations we run projects with or have made connections to in the past. Due to the complexity of scheduling events around peoples jobs, we offered presenters the opportunity to either present live or send a pre-recorded video. We were very fortunate to host ten live events and five recorded events. This was a good mix, covering the majority of the projects that SVC run.  

The event was a great way for stakeholders to learn about presenters’ careers paths, especially if they were interested in following the same career path or work in the same industry. Several of the presentations highlighted the benefits of volunteering and how it had affected their lives, and how it had helped them gain employment. There were also several tips to help attendees, including people to follow on social media, websites to visit or individuals to contact.  

Overall, the week was a huge success - all of the presentations were interesting with no major technical difficulties. Two of the sessions (Alex Congreve and Ben Morris) were interactive with the audience, where discussions and scenarios were presented. The audience was very receptive to this approach and contributed much to the conversation. 

By hosting the videos on Flipgrid (a video hosting website, where the videos are stored and members of the public can ask the presenters questions), a greater number of people will be able to watch the presentations at a more convenient time. For those people who would like to watch the videos, you can find them here:

Thank you to all the Presenters, SVC staff and Board members who helped organise, promote and of course volunteered their time to present for SVC. If you have any questions, please contact our vice-chair Jonathan Jones at