SVC's Progress and Future Plans

SVC's Annual Report 2023-24 and Strategic Plan 2024-29


Delve into SVC's comprehensive Annual Report 2023-24 and forward-thinking Strategic Plan 2024-29. The Strategic Plan articulates our mission, vision, and goals, outlining the specific aims of our organisation and the strategies we will employ to achieve them. The Annual Report, a detailed document presented at our recent Annual General Meeting, encompasses a wide array of topics: from the Chair's report and our core values, to profiles of our staff team, board of trustees, and lead volunteers. It highlights our digital and environmental strategies, celebrating progress in Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion, and showcases the impact of our International Exchange programme. Volunteer testimonials, statistical overviews, and presentations of our health and social care, children and young people, and community and NHS projects paint a vivid picture of our year. The report also provides insights into volunteer demographics, lists our partners and supporters, and recounts our memorable one-off volunteering events. 


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