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What We Did During Black History Month!


To celebrate Black History Month, our volunteers organised quizzes within both our Huggard project and also for our Quiz Club project with the adults with learning disabilities we support at Innovate Trust. 

The quizzes covered topics such as TV & film, music, general knowledge, and even a picture round of key contributors and celebrities.  

Using quizzes meant that we could educate some of our beneficiaries about Black History Month and why it’s important through fun activities, and the quizzes were thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended. 

Across Our Social Media

We’ve also been sharing information across our social media pages to highlight Black History Month to all of our followers. 

We have shared facts and resources about Black History Month and its origins...

...shared ideas on how to get involved and what events were taking place across the month...

...shared book ideas written by authors which are educational and inspiring, and gave our community the chance to tell us what black-authored books they think are insightful...

...shared information on lesser-known Black inventors to raise awareness...

...shared facts about ‘firsts’ and key contributors to the Black Lives Matter movement...

...and celebrated the establishment of the Windrush Plaque Trail in Leeds, a trail of temporary plaques placed across the city which highlight the history, events and people of the Windrush generation and the impact they had. We even shared our own digital version so that everyone could see what’s included in the trail!

We also created quizzes on Instagram around various different topics, such as TV & Film and Famous Figures, to create engagement with our followers around Black History Month and teach people something in a fast but entertaining way. We hope you enjoyed taking part in these quizzes and learned something new! 


If you have any questions around what we did for Black History Month, our EDI work in general, or have any suggestions for us, don’t hesitate to get in touch by emailing