Coronavirus Update:
The SVC team are mainly working from home, please email us to organise an appointment to visit the office.
We currently have a number of digital (online) opportunities available, and are cautiously returning to some in-person opportunities.
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Why Volunteer With SVC?

During the pandemic, an increasing number of volunteers throughout the country signed up to help those who are vulnerable. At SVC, we’re aiming to maintain and build upon this boost in volunteer recruitment whilst also helping our volunteers to find projects which align with their own values and interests. 

Volunteering is an amazing way to improve both mental and physical health, boost well-being, gain career and life experience as well as contribute to the local community. Here, we share more about the benefits of volunteering with us and the value of helping others. 

About SVC

Did you know there are over 30 projects that you can get involved with at SVC? We’re currently recruiting for several of these projects, and will be releasing more opportunities in the upcoming weeks. 

We believe in giving South Wales communities the opportunity to give a little, and gain a lot! As a volunteer-led charity, we rely on the help of members of our local community to support our beneficiaries across Cardiff, Rhondda Cynon Taf, The Vale of Glamorgan and Gwent. 

Our volunteers work alongside individuals with physical and learning disabilities, mental health conditions, and those who are elderly or homeless. We also offer our volunteers the opportunity to work alongside our partners on initiatives to create a greener and safer environment. 

Benefits of Volunteering


Research shows that volunteering has benefits for individual well-being and self esteem. Helping those around you is proven to boost your mood, and can also improve your outlook on life. Volunteering allows you to take time from your busy schedule and do something that inspires you. 

Our projects offer a variety of activities such as gardening, arts & crafts, befriending, quizzes, karaoke and more. These fun and enjoyable activities aim to not only reduce isolation and loneliness for our beneficiaries, but for our volunteers as well. Taking part in voluntary work and helping within the community can provide a sense of purpose, identity and belonging which can act as a buffer against stress or difficult life events. Volunteering might be just what you need to de-stress and uplift your spirits! 


People may also volunteer to gain transferable skills for the workplace. Volunteering is a great way to gain practical skills or to build upon existing experience, which can enhance your CV and interest future employers. Volunteering is also a fantastic way to boost your confidence, equipping you with the tools you need to work confidently within your sector.

Volunteering on our projects can contribute to your communication and literacy skills, ability to work cooperatively within a team and alongside vulnerable individuals, as well as influencing your capacity for compassionate and empathetic listening. If you’re specifically looking to enhance a particular skill or aptitude, contact us for more information on projects best suited to you at

Community Happiness

Recent studies have shown that helping others is strongly linked to improved quality of life for both the individual and their community. Research by Professor Paul Whiteley, from the University of Essex, concluded that volunteering is connected to better health, lower crime rates, improved educational performance and greater life satisfaction for the community. 

As an organisation dedicated to benefitting our local area, our volunteers can find an increased sense of togetherness and feel more socially connected. Volunteering provides the opportunity to work as part of a team, a chance to socialise and make friends, as well as give back to the community. 

If you’ve recently moved to South Wales as a student or new resident, this could be the perfect time to seize the opportunity of creating new bonds and integrating within your local area. If you’ve always lived in the area, it may be a great way to give back - contributing even a small amount of your time can make a substantial difference!


Here’s what some of our staff and volunteers had to say about their positive experiences and the beneficial aspects of volunteering with us:






We currently have several positions open on an array of projects that would greatly benefit from your help! To find more information on our current vacancies take a look at our website under ‘Our Projects’. There will be more available opportunities during our upcoming recruitment drive from 20th September, keep an eye on our platforms for more details!

SVC has an expansive variety of projects that you could get involved with. We recognise the importance of finding a project that aligns with your interests and values, and are here to help if you’re interested but aren't sure what project might suit you. Get in touch with us via our social media or email if you want to discuss this with us!