Coronavirus Update:
The SVC team are mainly working from home, please email us to organise an appointment to visit the office.
We currently have a number of digital (online) opportunities available, and are cautiously returning to some in-person opportunities.
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Winter Giving Week 2020

Christmas Cards

As part of Winter Giving Week, we collected Christmas cards to be sent to patients in the NHS hospitals made by our volunteers, beneficiaries, partners and members of the public. A total of 165 cards were made! We’d like to thank everyone who contributed to making these cards to brighten up the Christmas season for these patients. 

Festive Face Masks

We also asked our volunteers to sew some festive face masks for mental health patients who were being discharged over Christmas. Thank you so much to all of our creative volunteers! Here are a few of the masks they made:


Food Bank and Huggard Centre Donations

We asked for donations for local food banks and for the Huggard Centre, supporting those experiencing homelessness. We received so many donations of food and other essentials which will be so beneficial to those in need. Again, a huge thanks to anybody who dropped items off at the SVC office during Winter Giving Week. 


Huggard Digital Christmas Party

On 1st December, we organised a digital Christmas party for those at the Huggard Centre.

We had a wonderful time - there was a game of Christmas Music Bingo and staff at the Huggard kitchen prepared some delicious food. We also sent over some Christmas decorations to make the centre look festive. Thank you to our fantastic team of volunteers and staff at Huggard who helped run the party!



Fantastic 4 Digital Christmas Party

Also, on 3rd December we held a Fantastic 4 digital Christmas party on Zoom for the adults with learning disabilities that we support. The party was enjoyed by all - a huge thank you to anyone who helped out! 

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