Winter Giving Week 2023


Spreading Joy and Festive Cheer!

Winter Giving Week at SVC brought an abundance of joy and festive spirit through a series of heartwarming events that lit up the lives of our beneficiaries. From Christmas parties to unique volunteering opportunities, this celebration was a true embodiment of the season of giving.


Christmas Party in Wenvoe - December 1st

Amidst twinkling lights and festive tunes, our first event in Wenvoe was a joyful celebration for adults with learning and physical disabilities. Volunteers, staff, and a live band, Mcdermott & North, filled the air with joy. Dance with Georgia led an enchanting session, making it a delightful experience for all involved. Thank you to our 5 volunteers who helped organise the party, and to all 35 beneficiaries who came along! 



Karaoke Night in Llanharry - December 4th

Innovate Trust orchestrated an entertaining Karaoke Night, infusing the atmosphere with laughter and festive vibes. This event for adults with disabilities was a testament to the joy of singing and camaraderie among volunteers and staff.



Inclusive Cheerleading - December 6th

SVC offered a cheerful opportunity to learn Christmas cheers. Despite minimal experience, everyone joined in for an inclusive cheerleading session, creating an atmosphere brimming with positivity and holiday spirit.

Following the success of this year's Cheerleading session, we hope to run a 6-week course starting in the New Year.


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Huggard Christmas Party - December 7th

Volunteers and beneficiaries came together to organise a heartwarming Christmas celebration for those experiencing homelessness. With engaging games, a festive quiz, and a generous buffet, it was an afternoon filled with laughter and joy. Thank you to the 7 wonderful volunteers who helped create a festive atmosphere in the Huggard Centre, and to the 30 beneficiaries that got involved on the day! 



Neurodiversity Panel Event - December 7th

Zoom came alive with engaging discussions as individuals who identify as neurodivergent shared their unique experiences. SVC hosted a panel discussion that shed light on diverse perspectives, fostering understanding and empathy. We were very excited to hear from some of SVC's volunteers!



Christmas Card Making - December 7th

Thank you to Innovate and Cartrefi for inviting us along to their Christmas Card Making session. It was a fantastic opportunity to meet with new people, share the festive spirit and get creative. 



Christmas Coffee Morning & Arts/Crafts - December 8th

The Christmas Coffee Morning was a delightful affair where volunteers and beneficiaries crafted beautiful Christmas cards for hospital patients. A bingo game, delectable treats, and warm conversations in cosy Christmas jumpers added to the festive ambience. We had a wonderful turnout of 4 fantastic volunteers and 8 beneficiaries who each helped to create Christmas cards for those in hospital during this festive season.




Thank you to all those who donated cakes and other goodies! These sweetened our celebrations, adding a touch of kindness to every gathering.



Winter Giving Week was more than just a series of events; it embodied the true spirit of the holiday season - compassion, kindness and togetherness. It showcased the immeasurable joy that comes from giving and creating meaningful experiences for our beneficiaries. As we bid adieu to this heartwarming celebration, let's carry forward its essence into the New Year. Make a resolution to give some of your time, skills, or resources. Remember, at SVC, our motto is "Give a Little, Gain A Lot!" By contributing even a small part of yourself, you'll find immense rewards and make a profound impact on someone's life. Let's continue spreading joy, making a difference, and embracing the spirit of giving all-year-round!

Thank you to all volunteers, staff, and contributors who made these moments truly special!