Volunteering should be a possibility for everyone, regardless of circumstances. Therefore we always do our best to pay you out-of-pocket expenses. This can include mileage allowance for volunteers who have registered their own cars with us for use on their voluntary placement.

SVC expenses can include:

  • Travelling expenses, for car or public transport. Please note - For travel costs to and from your place of volunteering, the maximum SVC is able to reimburse is £4.90 per session. There are additional allowances for volunteers on the Home and Away project due to travel whilst out on an activity (please speak to your SVC Project Coordinator for further details). Additionally, if you are driving an SVC vehicle and have filled up the petrol tank, then please retain this receipt and you will receive a full refund.
  • Necessary telephone calls
  • Materials for activities (project specific - includes projects such as Weekenders, Home & Away, LOL Fridays, Supported Living and Watch)
  • Cost of taking beneficiaries out and about (project specific- includes projects such as Home & Away, Supported Living, Weekenders and LOL Fridays)

Please check with the SVC Manager regarding what you are entitled to reclaim if you are unsure.

To claim expenses, you’ll need to bring your original receipt or ticket to the SVC office, where a member of staff will reimburse you for your expenses. If, for any reason, you do not have your original receipt or ticket and you want to claim back your expenses, you must submit a statement in writing and the SVC Manager and/or Board of Trustees will consider your case.

For full details about expenses please read our Staff and Volunteer Expenses policy.