Black History Awareness: Review

Over the last 12-months we have been celebrating Black History and raising awareness around important topics that are often missed during Black History Month. 

The aim of our initiative was to move away from the idea of a ‘token’ celebration, whereby Black History is only spotlighted during February and/or October. We hoped that our approach would foster ongoing support in combatting racial inequality within SVC and the wider community. The key focus of our initiative was to educate others, raise awareness and promote activism.

To see an overview of each month, please click here.


Our campaign arose from the theme of Black History Month 2022:

Time for Change: Action not Words.



What is Black History Month?

Black History Month is an annual celebration that takes place in February (USA and Canada) or in October (UK and Ireland). 

  • A chance to educate ourselves and promote awareness.
  • A time to acknowledge change that has taken place and recognise where improvements still need to be made.
  • A celebration of Black people, history and culture.


What goals did we set?



How did we meet our goals? 

For the last year we have been creating educational resources, sharing stories and experiences, answering our community's questions and finding innovative ways to celebrate Black History together. Our staff team spent time focussing on presumptions and attitudes and how to change these, as well as taking a look at Protected Characteristics that affect not only race, but several other forms of equality too. We talked to our Trustees about disrupting power imbalances and using privilege to create meaningful inclusion within SVC and the wider community. Throughout the year we have been sharing informative videos and infographics that answer some key questions about race, power and inequality as well as presenting facts and statistics that motivate change. Most importantly, we have been celebrating: culture, community, collaboration and consistency. We have highlighted key leaders, activists, and trailblazers that are well-known and those that are less widely recognised too. We have shared various customs and traditions that have arisen from Black culture, including particular dance styles, music genres and even art forms. Our consistency in raising awareness all-year-round has inspired others to do the same. Remember, it's Time for Change: Action not Words.


Is it too late to get involved? 

No! It's never too late to join the fight for equality.

Take a look at the resources we have shared over the past 12-months. There are dozens of ways you can get involved today, from the comfort of your home, within the local community or even globally!

Change starts here. Let's start together, today. 


Watch our review on the impact we've made, the lessons we've learned, and the steps we plan to take in the future to continue our commitment to awareness, equality and unity 🎥

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